Texture and Technique (HD)

Texture and Technique

Run Time: 157 minutes
Size: 1,004.4 MB
Size (HD): 4.0 GB
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Runtime 2 hrs 36 min

Finally finished a new instructional video! This one took me more time and effort to make than I expected, but it covers a lot. As with the others, it’s sold only as a download license for the computer (Mac or PC)/ipad/etc. it’s purchased on. The advantage is that it costs about a third less than it would be as a DVD, plus no shipping charges.
Macs Require Intel based Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
PCs require Intel/AMD based Windows XP or newer

The Standard Definition version is 1 Gigabyte in size, while the High Definition version is 4 Gigs. The cost is the same.

After you purchase the video you will download the fluxplayer, then the video file. Each time you want to watch the video, simply open the fluxplayer on your computer (In the Applications folder on a Mac, or wherever you downloaded it on you PC) and the videos you’ve purchased will all be listed there to play anytime.

The main demonstration in this one is of two little girls from Guatemala. This is a studio painting from a photograph I shot in Antiqua and took me several days to complete. The focus of the lesson is techniques for applying the paint, from thin to thick, as well as using the palette knife to create interesting abstract backgrounds.

 Here’s a little more detail on what is covered in the video.

 A discussion of:

Gathering your references and finding an inspiring subject
Choosing your composition
Making your photograph the same size on your computer screen as on your canvas
A simple and accurate method of drawing and measuring.
Techniques of mixing and applying oil paint with brush and palette knife.
Creating interesting backgrounds.
A step-by-step demonstration of a painting from start to finish.
Examples of finished plein air and studio paintings from Guatemala.

Available Licenses

US$ 39.95
US$ 39.95